About Us

Goopal Group was established in 2016 with the joint investment of China Binary New Fintech Group, Gaorong Capital and Haitong Securities upon initiation of the founder and actual controller of China Binary New Fintech Group (08255.HK). It has established R&D centers or business expansion centers in Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore and Luxembourg. In the future, Goopal Group will explore the US market,and endeavors to build up a global-perspective Blockchain ecosystem oriented towards the future.

Goopal Group wishes to combine the underlying technology of Blockchain with the innovative ideas so as to achieve the integration of the Blockchain technology with the realistic industry, constructing various live applications really based on the Blockchain technology and providing the users with a better and more diversified future Blockchain life.

Goopal Group is a weakly-centralized Blockchain group. Unlike the attributes and architectures of traditional companies, the Blockchain ecology built by the Group covers multiple business segments, including the public chain, Blockchain branches and contracted technologies, digital currency wallet, stable digital currency, credit investigation and social contact, etc.

Every year, Goopal Group will invest in and incubate multiple Blockchain projects of great development potentials based on corresponding plans, and continuously expand and enrich the whole ecosystem.



  • Positioning - a global Blockchain integrated service provider
  • Mission - build up a global-perspective Blockchain ecosystem oriented towards the future
  • Vision - committed to creating a beautiful and diversified Blockchain future life
  • Core Value - professional, innovative, humanistic and inclusive

the group has abundant high-end Blockchain elite reserves, who can both engage in development of the underlying technology of Blockchain and the Blockchain-based in-depth technical R&D.


explore various application scenes and try the innovative applications depending on the underlying technology of Blockchain.


devote to the real combination of the Blockchain technology with the realistic scenes and provide the people with a better Blockchain life.


wish to absorb all investors, enterprises, academic circles and individuals who devote their efforts into the Blockchain realm and construct a barrier-free Blockchain world.




We hope to work together with the enterprises, individuals and investors who are interested in developing and applying Blockchain to build an ecosystem of Blockchain, and create a future Blockchain life.

Jinhui building, Chaoyang District, Beijing